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Simplified internationalization of software files

Automatically extract, localize, and deliver deployment-ready files across most popular file types, including YAML, XML, .strings, .po, and others.

Agile, continuous international development

Set up an agile process in minutes, whether your strings are in files or integrated to Qordoba via Github or API.

Faster time to market

Leverage machine learning to learn from previously localized content, for greater efficiency and faster market launches.

Collaboration for teams

Communicate with internal and external team members for relevant, engaging strings that speak to your local audience.

Tools for software localization

Make it simple for your teams to localize your software, with reference fields, placeholder detection and validation for hundreds of software file types.

No more manual extraction

Create your own parsers to avoid manual string extractions, with a regex editor to identify your strings and create custom file types.

All the features you need to win globally

Project management

Comprehensive reporting, permissions and notification modules

Automated QA

Maintain control over linguistic preferences

RTL support

Use UIs and editing tools built with LTR, RTL and bidirectional support in mind

Brand and voice

Use terminology tools for consistent brand across locales

User roles

Manage both internal and external team members and vendors

Custom workflows

Configure workflows by content type and language pair

Enterprise search

Search and edit strings across projects and content source


Automatically pull in new strings from your app, and publish them back

File updates

Only new or edited strings are extracted when you update your files

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