Cross-Border Banner Ad Retargeting

Another important strategy for reducing shopping cart abandonment is (re)targeting customers through banner ads. The good news about this is that it works largely the same way that domestic consumers’ banner-ad retargeting works with a few additional steps, many of which are one-time. Map your traffic The first task is a one-time step performing a […]

Will 2018 be the Year of the Smartphone in Brazil?

Data disputes e-commerce growth and ad spending in 2018 An interesting divergence in indicators has emerged in Brazil between e-commerce projections and advertising projections. These two industries are painting very different pictures of the immediate future. First, the e-commerce data suggests that nearly 80% of Brazilians prefer to make online purchases from a desktop or […]

Brazil E-Commerce 2017: Ripe for Social Shopping?

Brazil is big and important The e-commerce market is growing modestly at 2.8%, but it’s still the biggest e-commerce market in Latin America, by far. Moreover, the country is expected to maintain its stronghold boasting the largest e-commerce retail sales numbers in the region, reaching $22 billion by 2020. Brazil’s sizeable population is ahead of […]

Mexico E-Commerce is Growing 25% Annually. Is it Time to Finally Get Serious?

The players Mexico’s e-commerce market has excited both retail and tech companies alike, in spite of the fact that there have been several false starts over the years. Recently, launched its Prime delivery service in Mexico. Meanwhile, with $198 million initially earmarked for e-commerce and logistics, Wal-Mart increased its investment in the country by […]

Using Email to Retarget Cross-Border E-Commerce Customers: Stats and Strategies

Seasoned e-tailers know that abandoned online shopping carts can provide a golden opportunity to connect with customers who may be on the fence. More often than not, this is accomplished by way of varying retargeting and recapturing tools, the most basic of these being email. While research has proven that email is an effective means […]

Taking E-Commerce Global: Indonesia

In the first installment of Qordoba’s “Taking E-Commerce Global” blog series, we look at the Indonesian e-commerce market and provide key, data-backed tips for success in this rapidly expanding digital marketplace. Next week, we’ll take a look at Mexico’s e-commerce landscape. *** Indonesia is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world with retail […]

VIDEO: How Qordoba’s Architecture & Machine Learning Work

At the Spark Summit 2017 East, Michelle Casbon, our Director of Data Science, gave an under-the-hood look at our architecture, machine learning and how they power some of our localization features. The challenge with supporting multiple locales is the maintenance and generation of localized strings, which are deeply integrated into all facets of going-to-market: design, […]

3 Takeaways From 2017 E-Commerce Growth Forecasts

Retail e-commerce is projected to continue to surge through 2017, growing 22.9% to $2.352 trillion. While growth numbers are healthy in nearly all markets, global averages hide significant differences between them. Non-English speaking markets are driving growth The top 6 fastest growing retail e-commerce countries (Indonesia, India, Argentina, China, Mexico, and Russia) and 7 of […]

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