Fast, scalable growth for your mobile apps

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Fast, scalable growth for you mobile apps

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Helping top companies be global

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Focus on core functionality

Our lightweight SDK automatically renders your screens and extracts your strings. No need to spend time importing and exporting strings files or tagging for localization.

Customize your app for new audiences

Adjust colors, fonts, layouts and images per locale using our powerful editor.

Increase app discoverability

Instantly push new content updates to your users, without resubmitting to the App Store. Respond quickly to international demand — or simply test the waters.

Create metadata, too

Sync your metadata from iTunes and Google Play for automatic extraction and publishing of the localized metadata of your app.

All the features you need to win globally

Live editor

Live rendering for your product managers, without a test device or sandbox app

Push notifications

Send push notifications to your users in their native language

No resubmitting

Add languages after submitting to App Store or Google Play

Instant updates

Edit content for any language even after distribution of your app

Custom workflows

Configure workflows by content type and language pair

Status Tracking

Easily track progress of content workflows with reporting tools


For subsequent releases of your app, only localize new or updated strings

Translation memory

Leverage the same strings for both your iOS and Android builds


Maintain consistent terminology across different app releases

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