Real-time communication across languages

Eliminate language barrier to meaningful engagement & customer success

Sofia Nehaoua
Media Manager,

“Qordoba allows us to produce locally relevant content at a scale we simply would not have been able to do otherwise. Their product has become an integral part of how we globalize our marketing.”

One language to many

Your users speak dozens of languages. You can, too. Provide them with customer experiences that deepen engagement and earn brand affinity.

Qordoba’s machine learning gets smarter with each interaction, offers optional human data enrichment, and integrations that are fast and simple to implement – c’est bien, non?

Use cases

Real-time customer support

With conversational interfaces becoming the default user experience for support globally, being able to “speak” to all of your users is essential.

Using integrations into the support tools you already use, empower your customer service reps to respond to support requests in the user’s own language.

Eliminate the need to build in-country and give super-powers to your bilingual support teams, enabling them to support many more local customers.

Borderless community engagement

Even better than speaking to your users is letting them speak to each other. Use Qordoba’s API to build chat features that cross the language barrier, increasing engagement across your user community.

Optional browser plugins allow your user community to give you feedback on translations, improving your own data model in real-time.


Radically expand your addressable market by localizing data you already produce or stream into multiple languages.

Qordoba makes localizing entire databases easy via integrations for popular database technologies.

Database connections


Amazon S3




Everything you need to localize real-time communication

Fast integration

Integrate Qordoba’s SmartSuggest API with your existing applications or support communication platforms. Read our docs here.


Our APIs are extremely fast to allow for significant throughout for real-time localization without hindering the user experience.

Machine learning

Your SmartSuggest engine can be customized and trained to reflect your key brand terms, names and glossary to ensure accurate representation of trademarks, product names and brand elements in every language. Qordoba also eliminates the common misspellings and typos. Language detection, block words and profanity also available.

Logs and back translation

Use Qordoba’s logs of automated provided translations for quality control. Empower non-bilinguals on the team to be able to monitor communications for training and auditing purposes.

Human enrichment on-demand

For communications that require 100% accuracy, build near real-time workflows with human linguists to review content in Qordoba.

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