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Derrick Pereira
Head of product,

“Qordoba allows us to produce locally relevant content at a scale we simply would not have been able to do otherwise. Their product has become an integral part of how we globalize our marketing.”

Qordoba localizes everything

Your global user’s experience makes all of the difference. A fully localized journey differentiates the brands that win from those merely passing through. Your users will notice.

Global e-commerce growth is bigger than ever

Global eCommerce is expected to grow to $4.3 trillion by 2020, driven by three factors: internet access, smartphones, and increasing disposable incomes. 65% of this is going to come from the non-English speaking world.


Retail e-commerce sales in 2020


The increase in likelihood that shoppers will buy when e-commerce sites are in their language

These will be new consumers without established brand affinities—in other words, a huge opportunity for new global players, and a huge risk for the more established brands.

The biggest winners will be those who have provided the most truly localized experience for their international audiences.

Drive faster global growth with Qordoba

Continuous localization

Create local language product catalogues, design assets and editorial content


Use Qordoba’s SmartSuggest to provide leverage for product translation, and automate content workflows for everything else


Integrate Qordoba to your Google Analytics to automatically create SEO-friendly localized content


Go to market faster than you ever thought possible

Machine learning in localization works


Increase in local in-store traffic

“Truly localized social media content has had an incredible impact on our ability to draw shoppers to our stores.”

Sofia Nehaoua,
Media manager


+ 180%

Faster development cycles

“Qordoba’s tools for PMs and engineers has helped us deploy new features easily across all our target markets.”

Ankit Jain,
Lead software engineer



Increase in go-to-market speed

“Localization is an important part of our growth strategy and Qordoba has enabled us to run at a scale and speed that would have otherwise been impossible.”

Derrick Pereira,
Head of product

E-commerce integrations

All the benefits, none of the headache

Qordoba’s integrations are pre-built for lightning fast deployment. Customers deploy integrations with point & click configuration of key settings and authentication.

Seamless localization with content integrations

Extracting, localizing and publishing content is like herding cats. By integrating with all your design tools, code repositories and e-commerce systems, Qordoba seamlessly centralizes content for localization.

Measure, promote & optimize your localized content

Drive international success by integrating all your tools for analytics, A/B testing, recapturing, email marketing and advertising your localized content, just as you would domestically.

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