Design for global audiences

Build products your international users love

Simple design localization

Automate your workflow with
plugins that localize your designs

Create localized screens directly within Sketch, InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator. We’ve made it ridiculously easy.

Ease collaboration

Qordoba displays your designs and text layer to
clients and colleagues

Design changes

Get feedback on localized
designs before products are

Copy edits

Ask colleagues to work on
copy edits, which you can
sync back to your design


You don’t need to ship the
Qordoba SDK with the app: SDK
does all of it’s work in sandbox.


Qordoba gives you full access to your data

Whether you want to design with our plugin in your software, or you want to export it into a variety of other formats such as XLS, JSON, or Sketch— you have total control that enables your creative and engineering team to work the way that they prefer.

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