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Ankit Jain
Lead Software Engineer,

“Qordoba’s tools for PMs and engineers helps us deploy new features easily across all our target markets.”

Qordoba for Zendesk

Easier Global Customer Success

Qordoba for Zendesk

It’s now easier than ever to make your organization’s customer success team global with Qordoba’s Zendesk App. 

Our customers have asked for a better tool to help them manage coordinating creation, editing, and on-going management of their Zendesk Support articles, Knowledge Base, and content.

Now anyone with a Qordoba account can download our App from the Zendesk app marketplace and begin easily managing multilingual support documentation.

Users and Permissions for Zendesk

Qordoba grants Zendesk administrators more control than ever over users and permissions– all through our modern and easy-to-use interface. 

You can easily add or remove users from your organization, create groups and control user access permissions across countries, languages, topics, projects, and even based on translation memory.

Our customers love how they can customize this feature instantly. Our intuitive interface makes it incredibly easy for technical and non-technical users alike to manage this process as well as make changes.

Smart Suggest for Zendesk

Qordoba’s Smart Suggest technology trains your translation memory to reduce the amount of time and effort required for future translations. 

Whether one of your engineers writes a support article in English or in French, it should be easily accessible to all of your customers regardless of their language.

Localization integrations

The first step in delivering authentically native customer experiences for each of your markets is translating the product, website, collateral, user documentation and legal documentation.

Our ecosystem of pre-built integrations automatically imports/exports your content to/from Qordoba’s platform. Linguists, aided by our SmartSuggest machine learning, can then efficiently scale your brand’s unique voice across each locale. After the content is translated many integrations, such as GitHub, Drupal, Demandware, iOS, Android and Javascript for HTML5, enable publishing.


Analytics, optimization & promotion integrations

Driving success in any market is about about segmenting audiences, targeting specific messages to them and improving based on actual market feedback. International markets are no different. Hence, Qordoba integrates with all your tools for measuring, optimizing and promoting your localized content for international markets, just as you would domestically.

Developer tools & integrations

Qordoba also provides an API and robust SDK, with code examples, to support custom use cases, . Learn more about our developer tools here.

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