The localization platform you would have built

Create consistent experiences across all your channels for your global users

True localization rethinks the product from the ground up— and Qordoba is built to help you do that


Collaboration & project management tools — because localization lives between teams

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Engineering-approved integrations for everything, for scalable, continuous localization

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Machine Learning

Localize references, place names, emotion, and tone — in addition to language — for content that resonates across language and borders

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Collaboration across your entire company

Global teams, succeeding locally

Qordoba is content management for your global marketing

Content for a particular market can be fragmented across a dozen sources, from your Demandware to your Mailchimp to your NetSuite accounts. By localizing all content in one place, you can ensure consistency in brand voice and messaging and leverage machine learning to improve content performance.

All of the content your local teams need to succeed, in one place

Qordoba organizes all of your go-to-market content in dashboards that you can customize by use case and audience.

Flexibility to publish across the markets that make sense

Our content management capabilities allow you to easily publish content on a market-by-market basis, helping you strategically manage content calendars and budgets.

Access to your contents’ copy, images & design

Qordoba gives you easy-to-use interfaces to localize everything about your content, which helps improve user engagement and conversion rates.

Ability to edit source content

Translation isn’t always the key. Qordoba’s platform allows local copywriters and partners to develop locale-specific messaging that can be published via Qordoba or pushed to your own channels.

Use local insight to drive content performance

Collaboration as a core principle, not an afterthought

With @ mentions, messaging and feedback tools, simplify the process of gathering feedback from in-country team members, partners, and power users. Qordoba’s platform handles the project management overhead associated with localization so that more time can be spent on iteration rather than firefighting.

Work, organized

Because of Qordoba’s tight integrations with other content tools and your own engineering’s software stack, content can be independent from release cycles, freeing you and your team up for more frequent content updates.

Intelligent content editors for faster, smarter content

Faster content production

Qordoba’s content editors are purpose-built for content creation where there is source content. Features like auto-complete, real-time SmartSuggest, and translation memory mean that the average Qordoba user is producing ~3x more content a day than before Qordoba.

Easy concordance checks

Qordoba shows users where and when similar content was published across the organization, speeding content production and improving consistency of messaging.

Customize workflow automations for faster content production

If-this-then-that automations

Create custom if-this-then-that trigger-based actions. Use cases include setting up user-generated content to be published automatically, tiered copywriting services for higher priority markets, and mandated HQ review for key collateral.

Quickstart templates

Templates in Qordoba include workflow steps, locales, and team members. Templates can be leveraged to get a new project up and running in minutes, not days.

Manage delivery and deadlines

Intelligent deadline management allows you to set up sophisticated SLAs around content translation, review and publication.

Roles and permissions for flexible team management

Project-based access

Manage users by project and market, giving them access to add and edit only specific types of content

Roles & groups

Create custom roles and user groups, allowing for flexible team management

Tracking, reporting & analytics

Track changes to copy

Qordoba provides a visual comparison of how copy has been modified, allowing your team to track evolutions in your tone of voice or communication strategy.

Manage versions of content

File versioning allows you to keep your latest source content up to date, giving teams access to the latest and great materials automatically.

Increase efficiencies

Qordoba’s analytics suite to track which markets are responding to your content. Project management reporting enables tracking team productivity, SmartSuggest and Translation Memory leverage and progress towards goals and deadlines in real-time.

What content is working?

Use Qordoba’s analytics suite or integrate into your own to track which markets are responding to your content.

Pre-built integrations

All the benefits, none of the headache

Qordoba’s integrations are pre-built for lightning fast deployment. Customers deploy integrations with point & click configuration of key settings and authentication.

Seamless localization with content integrations

Extracting, localizing and publishing content is like herding cats. By integrating with all your design tools, repositories, content management and ecommerce systems, Qordoba seamlessly centralizes content for localization.

Measure, promote & optimize your localized content

Drive international success by integrating all your tools for measuring, optimizing and promoting your localized content, just as you would domestically.

Flexible API & robust SDK

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Qordoba loves developers

Our Rest API provides the flexibility to adapt Qordoba to any environment or process.  Enabling developers is core to our DNA.  We’ve invested heavily in our robust SDK of libraries (Java, PHP, Ruby, etc.) and code examples (file handling, glossary management, authentication, etc.) to make extending and customizing Qordoba a snap. Learn more about our developer ecosystem here.

Security & reliability

Enterprise security

Qordoba combines enterprise-class security policies and robust product security features to ensure that enterprise customers have the trust and control that they require.

Enterprise-class security
Policy-driven Infrastructure-wide security and coordination integrates defense across systems and teams
Training Company playbook for security controls, reviews, prevention, detection, and incident response
Vigilance Guidelines control how we test, maintain, and increase security of systems throughout our infrastructure
Proactivity Independent reviews track the threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences that could impact our customers
Testing Regular tests of our infrastructure are performed by experienced, independent security teams
Product security features
Single sign-on Single sign-on (SSO) for authenticate users in your own systems without requiring them to enter additional login credentials for Qordoba access
SSL support Qordoba’s API is SSL-only and you must be a verified user to make API requests. OAuth authentication is supported
Roles and permissions Granular access privileges for user levels (owner, admin, restricted, full, etc.) with the ability to define custom roles with specific view/edit permissions


Affect detection for impactful copy

SmartSuggest uses machine learning and natural language processing. It assess the emotional impact of key messages and algorithmically ranks SmartSuggest options by confidence score. Typical customers see 2-3X gains in localization efficiency within the first 5 releases.

AI in all the right places

Qordoba’s SmartSuggest is integrated throughout the platform to help create better, faster and more consistent local content. SmartSuggest’s engine learns in real-time. It captures context with each localized sentence to methodically understand how, and when, to correctly apply organizations’ glossaries. Hence, each release gets more efficient, condensing development cycles and enabling rapid iteration.

Reuse, automatically

Qordoba’s Translation Memory automatically saves and applies content that has already been used in your projects, ensuring consistency and increasing speed of content production.

Manage your brand

Use Qordoba’s Glossary features to develop consistent global naming conventions and automatically check that content meets your terminology guidelines.

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