Winning big by going global: When to do it

It’s funny (read: frustrating) to read the stats that localization companies have to use to get potential customers interested in localization. 56% of customers prefer to read in their own language! They’re 5x more likely to buy your stuff if it’s in a language they understand! Etc. It’s amusing that the idea of connecting natively needs to be sold. […]

How Global Brands do Twitter

  For those of us who use Twitter for social media marketing, it won’t come as a surprise that Twitter has grown enormously in foreign language markets, with more than half of all tweets now in a language other than English. Though we don’t have a breakdown of company versus consumer usage by country (we checked), the general trendline globally has […]

5 Strategies for Localizing Your Website in 5 Days

It was about two weeks before Christmas, and we found ourselves in an interesting spot. We had launched our new product marketing site two weeks prior and still hadn’t localized our web content. For most folks, a two-week delay may not be so bad, but we build software that makes localizing content easier for a […]

Sketching for 3 Billion People

Developing empathy for your global user can pay off big time down the road, regardless of how many markets you’re in now. Helping product leaders think about their international users starting from the design stage is why we built the Qordoba Sketch plugin, which allows designers to pull in localized content from their app or […]

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